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Cover of Wake Up...Live the Life You Love: Finding Life's Passion, self-improvement and inspirational book co-written by self-growth experts and famous people

Wake Up...Live the Life You Love: Finding Life's Passion

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Shirley Cheng, Anthony Robbins share personal journeys, wisdom,
and insight in finding life's passion in the bestselling inspirational Wake Up...Live
the Life You Love book series

Have you found your life's passion or has it found you?

Shirley Cheng shares with the world her precocious wisdom and profound insight of life
in Wake Up...Live the Life you Love: Finding Life's Passion. Along with personal accounts from Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Brian Tracy, Shirley's own inspirational story will empower others to live a life with flaming passion as she lives hers despite insurmountable challenges since infancy.

Shirley's article, Celebrate Your Existence, for It Is Your Privilege!, is written
from deep within her heart as she reminds the readers to return life's unconditional love.

"I love life unconditionally, and the flames of my passion will never die. I know, too,
that life loves me unconditionally in return," Shirley writes. "But how, you must wonder,
could I believe that life loves me unconditionally when it has snatched my eyesight away,
leaving me to yearn for sight of the stars I can now only wish upon?"

Readers will be inspired and touched after they read her answer, leaving them to think
twice about life's true values and meanings.

Top professionals from all around the world, including Wyland, highly acclaimed artist of the
sea and marine life; Carla and Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk and neighbor
on the network television comedy show, King of Queens; and Gregory Scott Reid,
The Millionaire Mentor, bestselling author and international-known keynote speaker,
contributed personal accounts of triumph over physical, emotional or spiritual adversity.

ISBN-13: 9781933063058
Paperback, 196 pages

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