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Vietnamese Video Clip of Good Morning Show in Vietnam

Moi ngay mot cuon sach
One Day, One Book

On August 6, 2008, the translation of blind and physically disabled author Shirley Cheng's book, Dance with Your Heart, was featured on a Vietnamese TV show called Good Morning, one of their most popular programs. The show is similar to ABC Good Morning, America; NBC Today show; and CBS The Early Show, here in the US. It is aired on VTV1, which is the most important national TV channel in Vietnam, and has millions upon millions of viewers!

Here's what Shirley's translator, Nguyen Bich Lan, shared with Shirley regarding the show:

"Good morning programme in Vietnam begins at 6:30 in the morning. It consists of news headlines, feature reports, some discussions and the book recommending part named "ONE DAY ONE BOOK ". This book recommending part lasts 5 minutes describing a special book to viewers with pictures and some comments."

"'One Day One Book' is a very interesting and useful show which recommends readers good books by authors from around the world. Dance with Your Heart by Shirley Cheng was chosen for the show on August 6th, 2008. This means that this literary work has been acclaimed in Vietnam.

"Here, some publishers and authors send copies of their new editions of their works to the Television station hoping that their books will be recommended in "ONE DAY ONE BOOK" . I am glad to tell you that I made no attempt to have our book included in that programme. It was chosen by the editors of the programme!"

Now, you, too, can watch the show segment.

There are two formats of the clip available: WMV (which can play on Windows Media Player) and FLV (Flash Video).

The WMV format: Vietnamese Good Morning (about 14.5 MB)

FLV version: Vietnamese Video Clip for Dance with Your Heart

you may need an FLV Player if it does not play. If so, do a search on the Internet for free FLV video players. Shirley recommends the free program, Riva FLV Player.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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