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cover of Embrace Ultra-Ability! Wisdom, Insight & Motivation from the Blind Who Sees Far and wide by Shirley Cheng, Blind and Physically Disabled Award-Winning Author

Embrace Ultra-Ability!

Wisdom, Insight & Motivation from the Blind Who Sees Far and Wide

Celebrate life to soar with ultra-ability!

Turn your disabilities into ultra-abilities!

Life is musical, yet your heart has to know how to pick up the beat to dance to its lovely tunes. Embrace Ultra-Ability! will gently guide you through the dance steps so you can waltz to the music of life. Filled with the blind author's precocious wisdom and insight, this book empowers you to accept all the jewels Jehovah God Almighty abundantly supplies us, and supports you on your journey to using the gifts wisely. Once you have welcomed all His treasures--from love to hope--be ready to dance with your heart to life's wondrous melodies!

This book shows you how to:

  • Create an essential spiritual foundation for a truly successful life.
  • Love the life you live.
  • Limit your limitations to achieve greatness.
  • Maximize time usage and avoid time wasters.
  • Effectively conquer and prepare for challenges and negativity.
  • Win with positivity.
  • Establish and go for your gold medals in life.
  • And many more tips to help you soar with ultra-ability!

    Perfect 5-Star Review from M. Wayne Cunningham, ForeWord CLARION Reviews: "If there is ever to be a poster person for people with ultra-abilities, it would have to be twenty-four-year-old Shirley Cheng. The author has turned her disabilities into an ultra-ability and written the awe-inspiring Embrace Ultra-Ability! Cheng's slim but power-packed motivational guide delivers what it promises with its wisdom, insights, and motivation. It is a volume to be read, re-read, and treasured for its originality, readability, and courageous approach to dealing with life's adversities, and from an individual who has had far more than her fair share of them.

    "Cheng is a first-class role model for taking the cards one is dealt in life and turning them into a winning hand.

    "With typical humility she refers to her volume as only a basic guidebook. But it is a guidebook full of sage advice, helpful exercises, common sense analyses, and tough love prescriptions..."

    “(Written) with verve and conviction…ever cutting to the chase.” –Kirkus Discoveries

    “…filled with wise, practical, and eminently usable advice and guidance…an inspiring book and can be used daily by most readers to keep their spirits uplifted and their love of life, reinforced!” –Dr. Paul A. Johnson, Ph.D., Clinical & Consulting Psychologist

    “Cheng manages to do a more than credible job of addressing nearly every roadblock to personal success… I recommend this book to conscious people in the act of living the best life possible.” –Patricia Hamilton, Park Place Publications

    “…each teenager should be given this book in High School as a basis from which to build their values, morals and gratitude toward life. I honor her endurance and envy her strength.” –Trish Lay, Life/Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

    “…a powerful book that demonstrates a spiritual insight I have not seen in a person as young as she is. I highly recommend this book for those seeking ways to embrace every aspect of their lives and develop them to serve others.” -Rowena Holloway, Ordained Lay Minister, Speaker, Co-Author of the Pray it Forward Trilogy

    "...very effective and empowering in teaching positive affirmations, self-confidence, self-love and true sight." -Dorothy Lafrinere,

    "Shirley Cheng's vibrant prose refreshes the soul. Her positive message of hope and love has universal appeal." -The Rebecca Review, Top Ten Reviewer

    "Readers will be able to understand Cheng's message thanks to her clear and simple writing peppered with colorful, non-cliched metaphor. No psychiatric jargon will plague them." -H.A. Senidal, writer.

    “A timeless and ageless fountain of hope that can be read over and over.” -Robbie Miles, Brush Artist and Teacher

    "Find zeal for life's quests and embrace your ultra-abilities. As you open your mind, you'll be challenged to be the best you can be, and reminded of life's enchantments. Recommended for anyone who needs a lift to the brighter side of life." -Christina Francine, Midwest Book Review

    ISBN: 978-0-6151-5522-7; trade paperback with 168 pages

    Read excerpts of the book and raving reviews

    Or listen to this two-minute beautifully recorded excerpt, with nature sounds and bird chirps in the background, by life coach Nickolove Lovemore. (About 2.5 MB in MP3)


    About the Author

    Shirley Cheng (b. 1983), a blind and physically disabled award-winning author (with 21 book awards, including nine Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards and Mom's Choice Awards), motivational speaker, self-empowerment expert, poet, author of nine books, contributor to nineteen, and a parental rights advocate, has had severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since infancy. Owing to years of hospitalization, she received no education until age eleven. However, after only about 180 days of special education in elementary school, she mastered grade level in all areas and entered a regular sixth grade class in middle school. Unfortunately, Shirley lost her eyesight at the age of seventeen. After a successful eye surgery, she hopes to earn multiple science doctorates from Harvard University.

    Shirley is available for interviews, speaking engagements, book signings, and inspirational events.

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