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Daring Quests Yield Lessons of Life

Shirley Cheng brings fiction to life in her collection, Daring Quests of Mystics. Written in a beautiful, engaging lyrical style, this family-friendly book provokes the readers to discover that fine qualities surpass all powers of magic and sorcery. The exciting world of castles and mystics allows us to experience a magical journey along which lessons of life are taught and cherished.

Daring Quests of Mystics follows the adventures of beautiful Princess Sophia. Her elegant and tranquil life is upset on her seventeenth birthday when she receives the omen from her special friend, an oracle by the name of Dawn: "Terror and adventure you shall face on your wedding day." Dawn then bestows two magical gifts upon her: a white dove and a multicolored ring of rhinestones. Her world is turned upside down as she is forced to conquer daring and dangerous quests on her path to becoming a woman.

"...a charming collection of short stories that is filled with quaint, old-world imagery and poetic visualization. ...may remind the reader of Aesop's fables," wrote award-winning author Cheryl Kaye Tardif.

"...a fun adventurous read for all ages. This is a fascinating book of short stories, each with a moral. I would recommend this book for all ages....the fun, magical story is also teaching while entertaining," wrote editor, author, consultant Michelle Dunn.

Shirley Cheng has certainly experienced difficult quests of her own. Born in New York in 1983, Shirley was diagnosed with severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at only eleven months old and completely lost her eyesight at age seventeen. Although blind and confined to a wheelchair, Shirley has not let her severe disabilities hinder her thirst for life. She excels in academics and writes both prose and poetry. Shirley is a three-time winner of the National Reflections Program in visual arts. She is a miracle survivor with tremendous capabilities. Most remarkably, she started school at age eleven without any prior education and English is her second language. After a successful eye surgery, Shirley hopes to earn science doctorates from Harvard University.

Shirley is also the author of The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine: A Young Woman's Autobiography of a 20-Year Tale of Trials & Tribulations (ISBN: 1-4116-1860-2) and Dance with Your Heart: Tales and Poems That the Heart Tells (ISBN: 1-4116-1858-0). In March of 2006, Shirley co-authored a self-improvement book with several bestselling authors and top experts, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Bob Proctor, entitled 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 2.

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ISBN: 1-4116-5664-4, Trade paperback, 219 pages
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