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Blind, Disabled Child Prodigy Co-Authored Book with Bestselling Authors, Including Jack Canfield and John Gray

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 2

Cover of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 2, a self-improvement book with 101 self-growth experts

What do you get when 101 self-improvement experts cross?

You get quick, short, and easy-to-understand 101 great ways to improve your life.

Featuring Dr. John Gray, bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus;
Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul books;
Dr. Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen, plus many other leading experts,
including Shirley Cheng.

We can all reach our dreams. We can all soar. It's just that sometimes we need help
getting off the ground. In Volume 2 of the 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life
series, our experts disclose success secrets on achieving your ideal life, maintaining
mind-body balance, dealing with difficult people, and countless other important topics.
Self-improvement is a journey that never ends. This book will make that journey a bit
easier for you.

How would you like to achieve spiritual affinity and ultimately the success an fulfillment
that come with it? Discover how you can hold hands with the world in Shirley's chapter,
Dance with Your Heart: How to Befriend Your Heart and the World Around You,
which gently teaches you how to connect with yourself, then with others around you.

Discover how to:

Achieve spiritual connection and fulfillment with yourself and others
Find a satisfying career
Conquer negativity
Improve your health naturally
Get out of debt
Age with style
Have a happy and fulfilling relationship
Plus 94 other great ways to improve your life

ISBN: 0974567272, Trade Paperback, 416 pages

"...Volume 2 of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life has valuable insights, action plans
and examples to help you find your path and follow it successfully and joyfully. Volume 2
exceeds Volume 1 in diversity of subjects, helpfulness of advice, interesting stories
and wonderful writing.

"Get this book today, read it and apply what inspires you!" said Donald Mitchell,
founder of The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind, Strategic Management professor,
bestselling author and consultant.

Donald also wrote (in his Amazon review): "Lest you think that the best writing is by the best-known authors, the best written piece in the book is by Shirley Cheng, whose work you
may not know yet. . . but you should. The title? Dance with Your Heart: How to Befriend
Your Heart and the World around You."

"Shirley Cheng's chapter entitled 'Dance With Your Heart: How To Befriend Your Heart And
The World Around You' is my favorite. She provides clear guidelines on how to not only
dance with your heart but on how to become a dancing heart. It is a beautiful and
instructive chapter written by this young woman who is a blind and physically disabled
poet and author. ," commented Dr. Alan Gettis, author of The Happiness Solution
and Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up.

"Shirley Cheng has written a beautiful piece that goes straight to your heart. She
expertly offers seven tips on how to bring more peace and love to your life, and
teaches you how to make friends with your heart. What a joy to read! Dance with
Your Heart is a treasure and will teach you how to live positively. In fact, the entire
book is filled with articles that will help you find your way to peace, joy, prosperity
and love. This one is not to be missed. If you follow Shirley's advice, it will indeed
lead you to joy. Absolutely!" wrote Katharine Giovanni, speaker, consultant,
concierge training expert, and author of The Concierge Manual

"An extraordinary book. Highly recommended," commented Christina Francine
for Reviewer's Bookwatch on Midwest Book review

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